Talent recruitment


Foreign trade salesman

Post qualification:

1, Bachelor degree or above, English level six or above

2, English listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency, business English and international trade foreign language proficiency

3, familiar with foreign trade business and process, foreign trade work experience more than 2 years, with mechanical or tool background is preferred.

4, outgoing personality, have a strong affinity, have a strong sense of enterprising and innovative, pioneering spirit, strong sense of team

5, strong language skills, good coordination, communication, and the ability to deal with things quickly

6, with the ability to open up new markets in foreign trade

7, able to adapt to foreign travel, and can work under pressure

Job responsibilities:

1, in charge of foreign trade orders negotiations, and the company's data compilation

2, according to the requirements of foreign trade orders in a timely manner to coordinate arrangements for production, and to follow up the production schedule

3, is responsible for the major foreign websites in the release of the company's product information

4, through a variety of channels to find and contact the relevant industry dealers, establish a long-term contact and obtain orders
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